Holbrook Breeders is one of Australia’s leading artificial breeding companies.

We provide an exciting and expanding range of services to the Australian and International cattle industries. What makes Holbrook Breeders Australia different from other companies?


Our staff combines many years of experience in the cattle and artificial breeding industries.


Our priority is your genetic progress.

Modern purpose built facilities

Your donor bulls and cows are housed in safe, well designed grassed runs, with ample room, shade and shelter, providing your livestock with first class comfort.
Ensuring your animals have the best facilities enhances our ability to achieve premium results. Please contact us if you would like to tour our centre.

Efficient Administration

Our office utilises the latest information technology providing our clients with effective up-to-date data management.

Personal Service

No matter how small, every question or concern from our clients’ is important to us. Our personalised service is something which is very important to us and we are continually updating and monitoring to make sure this is maintained.