Storage & Distribution

Storage & Distribution

The storage and distribution of semen and embryos is an essential part of the artificial breeding industry.

At Holbrook breeders Australia we can store your valuable semen and embryos, then distribute them anywhere in Australia or around the world (export qualified) when required. If you require storage for export qualified semen or embryos, Holbrook Breeders Australia has designated licenced liquid nitrogen tanks for different countries to maintain their strict export protocol. While in storage, we can provide you with up to date semen and embryo inventories when requested.

Holbrook breeders Australia provide storage for privately owned tanks, otherwise known as tank maintenance. Tank maintenance ensures your tank is checked daily during the working week and filled with liquid nitrogen every 3 weeks.

Holbrook breeders Australia has many liquid nitrogen tanks, which we can store your semen and embryos within. We can provide you with your semen and embryo inventories when requested.

Holbrook breeders Australia can organise all logistics associated with the dispatch of semen and embryos. We have many liquid nitrogen shippers available to dispatch semen and embryos from Holbrook to anywhere in Australia and around the world. Dispatches can be insured on request.

Holbrook breeders Australia has a 9000-litre liquid nitrogen tank on site to supply liquid nitrogen tanks of our own and provide liquid nitrogen to clients requiring liquid nitrogen for their on-farm tanks or for freeze branding.