Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is the process of placing semen (frozen or fresh) into the body of the uterus during the period of oestrus.

Artificial insemination is often used to join multiple cows and heifers at a single point in time following a synchronisation program. Artificial insemination can be carried out at a certain time after oestrus has commenced in an individual animal or at a fixed time for the entire herd, based on a certain time associated with predictable physiology proceeding a synchrony program

• Genetic improvement
• Accessing international genetics
• Accessing bulls not otherwise affordable to purchase
• Reducing bull numbers

• Joining individual cows to specific sires
• Increasing value of progeny
• Reducing the risk of infection from venereal diseases

Holbrook Breeders Australia can provide customised artificial insemination programs to suit the needs of any individual producer. Artificial insemination can be tailored for a budget, convenience or to optimise results.

It is extremely important to find an experienced technician that you are comfortable to work with. Holbrook Breeders Australia can provide experienced technicians to artificially inseminate your cattle.  

Holbrook Breeders Australia can supply all drugs and artificial supplies to our clients for their artificial insemination programs. This includes synchronisation medications, artificial insemination pipettes, sheaths, lubrication, heat detection devices and more.

Holbrook Breeders Australia can source any semen required for your artificial insemination programs, let us know the bulls you require, and we can find them for you.